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What is TicketBAI?

On January 1, 2022, the new TicketBai invoicing regulation came into force, with a scope of application and mandatory compliance for all companies in the three provincial councils:

- Álava: Variable dates depending on the type of activity. In general, for most of the obligors, it is mandatory as of December 1, 2022.
- Guipúzcoa: Variable dates depending on the type of activity. In general, for most of the obligors, it is mandatory as of March 1, 2023.
- Vizcaya: BATUZ will be mandatory as of January 1, 2024.

Navarra participates in the TicketBAI Project, but has not yet set start-up dates; and it is possible that once the project is launched, its use will be extended nationwide.

This new regulation is implemented to prevent fraud in the issuance of invoices through the implementation of:

A) An invoice chaining mechanism.
B) A digital signature.
C) A QR code that allows the user to validate whether an invoice has been declared by simply scanning the QR code.

Likewise, this regulation complements and may replace the SII, since it includes the issuance of an XML file that will contain, in addition to the information included in the SII, the details of the composition of the invoice.

Our NetBAI solution allows you to manage the entire TicketBAI process from JD Edwards in a single step while maintaining existing billing processes, without the need to access external systems, perform complex steps in the ERP or change user operations.

Gipuzkoa Provincial Council page about TicketBAI.



Neteris TicketBAI Solution for Oracle JD Edwards

The Neteris TICKET BAI solution for Oracle JD Edwards, NETBAI, is compatible with applications whose release is equal to or higher than JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 base.

The Neteris Ticket BAI solution will use a connector built by Neteris and deployed in the JD Edwards Orchestator component of the client's environment, through which the data coming from the foral estates will be collected and made available for consultation and visualization through an application that Neteris will also deploy, as part of the solution, in the client's JD Edwards environment.

NETBAI's core is hosted in the Cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS) so it will be necessary to set up the network configuration to enable communication between the customer's JD Edwards environment and the solution's AWS services.

It has been a project led by our factory together with our Cloud Center of Excellence. Cloud Center of Excellence, and allows customers to pay only for the invoices processed and presented, that is, to pay only for what their business needs at any given time, following the basic principles of CLOUD.

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Why Neteris

NETBAIthe best solution in the market for JD Edwards, is a registered application in the list of the foral agencies. It has been a project led by our factory, together with our CCoE - Cloud Center of Excellence, to create a solution that fits the needs of each business.

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