Oracle Cloud Solutions

Knowledge and Experience, basic pillars to trust your Oracle Cloud project to Neteris

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We have always adopted the best technologies of the market to respond to business problems, and that apart from responding to current needs, were sufficiently robust, stable and had a roadmap of growth and stability that would allow our customers a good positioning for the future.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud & Infrastructure is the translation of Oracle's knowledge regarding enterprise IT ecosystems, taking advantage of its solutions background when designing its public cloud in general and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions in particular.

Neteris was born from the world of Oracle applications and technology. We have always been committed to helping our customers, especially those with an Oracle installed base, get the most out of their investments in Oracle products when considering the cloud as the next step in their IT strategy.

Our solutions

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Process Integration & Automation (OIC)

Integration, Process Automation and Low Code Programming Services are part of the solution set: Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC). With which any company can be more efficient in their processes and applications, can work in a unified way, reducing time, streamlining processes and reducing costs associated with its operations.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We have extensive experience moving loads (Lift & Shift and modernization with PaaS) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), achieving agility, performance, security while optimizing the costs of the infrastructure that supports business ecosystems.

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Oracle Analytics

Heir to Oracle's BI solutions, the Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS) provides companies with pay-as-you-go tools to help them extract, in the simplest and most economical way, the valuable information hidden behind their data..

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Oracle Autonomous Database

The cloud paradigm to the next level. It is no longer a matter of no longer managing the infrastructure, but of the service itself self-managing, self-securing and self-recovering in case of failure. Oracle Autonomous Database solutions allow DBA teams to stop managing or patching a database, forgetting also about planning for peaks, as the autonomous database adapts automatically.

Casos de éxito

Why Neteris

At Neteris we are Oracle experts, and we have experienced the transformation of many Oracle On Premise ecosystems into Oracle Cloud ecosystems.

This experience allows us to design Oracle cloud solutions in an optimal way in terms of cost, performance and security, while taking advantage of the investment made in the Oracle ecosystem through the Bring Your Own License solutions.