Standard Operating Procedure


Effectively manage the lifecycle of your Standard Operating Procedures with BPM


The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the “written and approved procedures, according to correct manufacturing and quality control standards (Royal Decree 175/2001, of February 23)”. Specifically describe the activities to be carried out in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical compounds, as well as their quality control.

What is Oracle BPM?

Oracle BPM (Business Process Management) is a software suite developed by Oracle Corporation that is used to manage and optimize business processes. This suite provides tools and functionalities that allow organizations to model, automate, measure and improve their business processes.

The Standard Operating Procedure allows:

  • All resources or personnel related to a tasks or process to which the procedure belongs know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. i.e., that all personnel have the necessary information to know how to proceed.
  • Locate and correct the failures of the procedures, so that the solution is implemented in a new version of the same, thus achieving continuous improvement.

Based on a standard programming language and a document management engine (UCM), we have managed to implement a solution for the Integral Management of SOPs, successfully audited under GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). In a prestigious Spanish pharmaceutical company that currently manages the complete life cycle of its procedures in an agile and flexible way.

If you are looking for an alternative to homogenize, organize, distribute, approve, secure, maintain and evolve your SOPs. Do not hesitate to download this document, it will give you an overview of the project and the capabilities of the solution.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Life Cycle:

  • SOP Printout Control
  • Automatic coding of the Nomenclature
  • Automatic generation of fixed parts of the SOP
  • Distribution of Watermarked Impressions per User
  • PNT Change Approval Workflows
  • Employee Training Process in SOPs
  • Expiration and/or Cancellation of SOP
  • Version Control 
  • Control of"Out of Use" and"Re-Activation".
  • Role-based security (Issuer, Drafter, Approver, Validator...)
  • Responsive Design

Oracle BPM (Business Process Management) and Oracle Integration Cloud are two related products that can work together to help organizations manage their business processes and achieve more efficient integration of their applications and systems. They serve to:

  1. Process and application integration.

  2. Automation of processes and workflows.

  3. Collaboration.

  4. Address broader business needs. 

In summary, Oracle BPM and Oracle Integration Cloud are two complementary products that can work together to help organizations improve business process management and application and system integration. Together, they provide a complete solution to address process automation and optimization needs, as well as application integration in the enterprise environment.


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