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This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website (hereinafter, the website) owned by NETERIS CONSULTING, S.L. (hereinafter, NETERIS or the Holder), with corporate address at Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, 2ª. 28020 Madrid, duly registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid on Page M-472180, Folio 28, Section 8, Volume 26203, Entry 1. VAT No. B85573996, which it makes available to Internet users.

Access to the website is free, with the exception of that relating to the cost of the connection via the telecommunications network supplied by the access provider contracted by the users.

2 Acceptance

Use of the website attributes the condition of user and involves the acceptance of all the conditions and terms of use included in this Legal Notice.

Users are recommended to carefully and periodically read this Legal Notice, since its conditions of use, included in the aforementioned notice, can be amended.

Some services accessible to users through the website can be subject to particular conditions that, if applicable, will replace, complete and/or amend this Legal Notice and that should be accepted by the user before starting to provide the respective service.

NETERIS reserves the authority to unilaterally amend the conditions and terms of use of this website. Any change in this respect will be published visibly on the website so that it may be known by the user before visiting the website.

3 Browsing, access and security

The access to and browsing of this website entails accepting and being familiar with the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein. NETERIS makes every effort for browsing to be done in the best conditions and to avoid any damage that may be caused during said browsing.

This website has been designed to support Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Explorer browsers.

The Holder is not liable for any damage of any kind that may be caused to users due to using other browsers or different versions of the browsers for which the website has been designed.

This website is accessed in a non-secure environment, therefore, information is not transferred in an encrypted manner.

 4 User obligations

 4.1 Obligation to correctly use the website

The conditions of access and use of this website are subject to current legislation and the principles of good faith and legal use on the part of the use thereof, with any type of action to the detriment of NETERIS and contrary to this Legal Notice being generally prohibited.

The user commits to use this service without incurring any activities that may be deemed illicit or illegal, infringing the rights of NETERIS or of third parties, or that may harm, render useless, overload or damage the website, or hinder the normal use thereof by other users.


4.2 Request for content

The user should abstain from making requests for content offered through this website by using means or procedures other than any that have been made available thereto, other than any that have been indicated on the website or other than any that are usually used on the Internet and as long as the same do not run the risk of rendering the website and its content useless.


4.3 Prohibitions

The use of this website with illegal or unauthorised purposes is specifically prohibited without restriction:

 1) Any form of violation of third party rights (privacy rights, image rights, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.).

 2) Carry out, using the content of this website, any kind of advertising, such as sending unsolicited emails (spam) or similar communication.

 3) Introduce IT viruses, faulty files or any other software that may cause harm or unauthorized alterations to the content or systems accessible via this website.

 5 The latest

The information appearing on this website is what is current on the date of its latest update. The Holder reserves the right to update, amend or delete information from this website.

 6 Intellectual property

All the information contained on this website, as well as its graphic design and codes used are protected by copyright and other protection rights included in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12th April, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Act. These rights exclusively belong to NETERIS or its licensors, therefore, any act of reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication is expressly excluded, as well as any type of transfer of all or part of the content of this website, and, in general, of any item that, in accordance with current legislation, is protected by intellectual property regulations.

All the content of the website and all the content available through the domains and of the services of the Holder, including designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, applications, software, music, sound and other files, as well as their selection and availability (the "Content”) are the exclusive property of the Holder or of its licensors, with all rights reserved. No part of the content of the website may be amended, copied, distributed, framed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, extracted, displayed, published, transmitted or sold in any way or through any medium, fully or partially, without the prior written consent of the Holder. Provided the user has legal standing to use the website, the Holder grants a limited licence to use and access the website and the content thereof, and to legally download, for personal and not commercial use only, said content, provided that all the copyright and intellectual property warnings remain intact. Content of the website may not be uploaded or republished on any website of the Internet, Intranet or Extranet, or include the information on databases or compilations. Any other use of the content of the website is strictly prohibited.

The content of this website must not be used for public dissemination or for commercial purposes, and must not be amended without the prior written consent of the Holder.

 7 Trademarks

All the brands, logos and anagrams shown on this website are the property of NETERIS or of third party companies. The use, without prior consent, of any element of this website that is subject to protection in accordance with current legislation relating to industrial property is expressly prohibited.

In particular, brands, trade names, establishment labels, names, logos, slogans or any type of distinctive sign belonging to the Holder may not be used.

8 Privacy policy

8.1. Incorporation of personal data into NETERIS CONSULTING, S.L. files

Pursuant to the provisions of (EU) REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of 27th April 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to personal data use and the free circulation of such data (GDPR), the User is informed that any personal data they provide us with via the websites, and will be included and used in the files owned by NETERIS CONSULTING, S.L., with corporate address at Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, 2ª., 28020 Madrid, with VAT No. B-85573996 and with email address


8.2 Purpose of use

The data collected through the form YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE Will be used with the purpose of managing the participation of interested parties in selection processes or the requested profile.

The data collected through the contact/DEMO/Call request forms will be used with the purpose of managing the request of interested parties or to attend to any question or consultation they may put forward. It will also be used with the purpose of periodically sending commercial information on services based on their needs or interests.

In any forms on which interested parties may request more information on a service or specific solution of the company, as well as download material, data will be used with the purpose of managing the request of interested parties or attend to any question or consultation they may put forward. It will also be used with the purpose of periodically sending commercial information on services based on their needs or interests.

Data collected through the SUBSCRIPTION TO BLOG will be used with the purpose of sending information relating to new posts of said blog.

Data collected through the WEBINARS OR EVENTS forms will be used with the purpose of managing the participation of the user interested in said webinars or events, as well as for sending commercial information, as requested by the user.

Data collected through the AMS incidents channel will also be compiled by NETERIS with the purpose of managing the resolution of incidents and assessing the service.


8.3 Legal standing for the use of your data

The legal grounds for using your data is the consent voluntarily given by Interested parties.

Data pertaining to the managing of incidents is used based on the agreement signed with the client.


8.4 Communication of data

Data collected by NETERIS via the different forms on its website will not be transferred to third party companies.

However, NETERIS cooperates with third party service suppliers that have access to your personal data and use the aforementioned data on behalf of NETERIS as a result of its service provision. Specifically, NETERIS will contract the service provision on behalf of third party suppliers that execute their activity in, including, but not limited to, the following sectors: technology service provider companies, IT service provider companies, infrastructure management and maintenance companies and call centre service companies.


8.5. Exercise of rights. The rights that can be executed by the user are:

  1. Right of access to the personal data of the interested party: The user can obtain confirmation as to whether NETERIS uses personal data concerning them.

  2. Right of rectification, that is, the user has the right to request the rectification of inaccurate data.

  3. Right of deletion: The user can request that their data is no longer used with no undue delay because it is no  longer necessary, consent has been withdrawn, etc., among others.

  4. Right to limit the use of data, that is, the user may ask for their personal data to not be applied to the use operations that would pertain in each case.

  5. Right of portability of data: The user may receive their data in a structured, common use and mechanical reading format. Likewise, the user may request that their data be transferred to another party responsible for its use, provided that this is technically possible.

  6. Right of opposition: The interested party is opposed to the use and NETERIS will stop using their data, with the exception of legitimate, imperious reasons or the exercise or defence of potential claims. 

The user can exercise their rights through a request to NETERIS CONSULTING, S.L., Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, 2ª. 28020 Madrid or by email, accompanied in any case by a copy of their national identity document, passport or other valid document that identifies them.

If the user has a question about the exercise of their rights, they can address the Spanish Data Protection Agency in order that it resolve any matter in this regard. Likewise, interested parties may submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when they have not been satisfied in the exercise of their rights, at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid, telephone: 912 66 35 17.


8.6. Security measures

NETERIS will use personal data accessed under the strictest confidentiality by applying any security, technical and organisational measures that pertain in accordance with applicable legislation.


8.7 Automated decisions and preparation of profiles

Users are informed that automated decisions will not be made, nor will profiles be prepared upon which decisions are based that have legal effects for them or that significantly affect them in a similar way.  However, NETERIS may adapt information sent to users’ interests.


8.8 How long will we hold your data for?

Data collected through the forms YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE will be held for a period of two years, counting from the completion of the selection process of the profile requested by the Interested party.

In relation to sending commercial information, the data will be held by NETERIS until the exercise of the rights of deletion and/or opposition by the Interested party.

Likewise, information collected through the AMS incident management platform will be held until the commercial relationship has ended.


8.9 How did we obtain your data?

Data used by NETERIS is that which the user has voluntarily provided to NETERIS through the completion of the respective forms.


8.10 What data categories are used?

The data categories used are: identification and email data, employment data.

Especially protected data is not used.


8.11 Right to submit a claim to the Control Authorities.

Interested parties are informed of the possibility of informing the Spanish Data Protection Agency of any incident on the use of their data. The Spanish Data Protection Agency has the duty to supervise compliance with legislation and control its application.

9 Cookies

Any information relating to cookies used on this website, as well as the options for their amendment or deinstallation is available through the Cookies Policy section

NETERIS may use cookies during access to this website. Cookies are automatic procedures for the collection of information relating to preferences determined by a user during their visit to our website. This information is registered in small files that are stored on the respective user’s computer in an imperceptible way. Each time the user accesses the website in question again, these files are automatically activated in such a way that the website is configured with the preferences indicated on prior visits. Ultimately, cookies are physical personal information files housed in the user’s own computer and unequivocally associated with this computer. Cookies cannot read cookie files created by other websites.

The user has the possibility to configure their browser to obstruct the creation of cookie files or to warn of the time when this occurs. The website is accessible without the need for options regarding cookies files to be activated, though it can hinder the proper operation of security mechanisms for exclusive services or certain services that require more security. As a general rule, the purpose of cookie files of the website is to facilitate the user’s browsing.

10 Hyperlinks

Any user that wants to insert links from their own websites to the NETERIS website should meet the conditions outlined below, the lack of knowledge thereof not enabling liabilities deriving from Law to be avoided:

 1) The link will only link to the home page, but may not reproduce it in any way (online links, copy of the texts, graphics, etc.).

 2) In accordance with applicable legislation in effect at all times, establishing frames of any kind that envelope this website or enable the display of the content via Internet addresses other than those thereof will, in all cases, be prohibited whenever they are displayed along with content foreign thereto in such a way that: (I) causes, or may cause, error, confusion or deceit in users on the true provenance of the service or content; (II) entails an act of comparison or disloyal imitation; (III) serves to take advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of NETERIS; or (IV) in any other way is prohibited by current legislation.

 3) No type of false, inaccurate or incorrect statement on NETERIS, its employees or on the activities it executes will be made from the website that inserts the link.

 4) In no event will the website where the link is located state that NETERIS has given its consent for the insertion thereof or that it otherwise sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.

 5) The use of any word, pictorial or mixed mark, or any other different from NETERIS on the website of the sender is prohibited, with the exception of in the cases permitted by Law or expressly authorised by NETERIS, and provided that a direct link is permitted, in these cases, with the NETERIS website in the manner established in this clause.

 6) Any website establishing the link should faithfully comply with the Law and may in no event make available or link to own or third party content that: (i) is illegal, harmful or contrary to morals and good customs (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); (ii) leads or may lead the user to the false conception that NETERIS subscribes to, backs, adheres to or in any way supports the ideas, declarations or statements, legal or illegal, of the sender; (iii) is inappropriate or not pertinent to the activity of NETERIS with regard to the place, content and theme of the website of the sender.

In any case, NETERIS reserves the right to prohibit links to its website and to demand their deletion when they do not meet the conditions required in this section.

11 Liability

The user will be the sole party liable for any violations it may incur or for any harm that may be caused to third parties due to the improper or illegal use of the website.

NETERIS will not be liable for any potential damage or harm that could result from interferences, omissions, interruptions, IT viruses, telephone damage or disconnection in the operational functioning of the electronic or IT systems caused as a result of reasons not attributable to the company, delays or blockages in the use of such systems caused by deficiencies or overloading of telephonic lines, overloading in the Internet system or in other electronic systems.

NETERIS does not guarantee the veracity, nor is liable for any consequences that could result from errors in the content provided by third parties that could appear on this website.

Nor is NETERIS liable for any content, products or services that may be displayed via links, directly or indirectly, via the website, with the exception of in those cases provided for by Article 17 of Law 34/2002 of 12th July, governing Information Society and E-Commerce Services (LSSI). If the user believes that there is a linked website with illegal or inappropriate content, it should make NETERIS aware of this.

Links that do not necessarily represent the existence of a relationship between NETERIS and the private and entity holders of the websites to which they provide access, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of NETERIS with the declarations, content or services provided via said websites. NETERIS reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time remove the links that appear on its website.

NETERIS is not familiar with the content and services of the linked websites, therefore, it is not liable for any damage caused by illegality, quality, outdatedness, unavailability, error or uselessness thereof, nor for any other damage that is not directly attributable thereto.

NETERIS is exempt from liability with regard to cookies that outside third parties could install in the user’s hard drive.

12 Communications

For any communication that needs to be made, an email should be sent to , or send a written communication to NETERIS CONSULTING, S.L., Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, 2ª. 28020 Madrid. Users may also have a phone consultation +34 900 902 049.

The user expressly accepts the use of email as a valid procedure for the issuance of communications.

13 Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The terms and conditions governing this website and any relationships that could be derived are safeguarded by Spanish law.

Any dispute that may result from access or use of this website will fall under the jurisdiction of the respective courts, depending on the user’s jurisdiction

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