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What services does Oracle IaaS provide when you deploy JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to Oracle Cloud?

Running JD Edwards on Oracle IaaS enables you to use the computing, network, and storage capabilities of Oracle Cloud on a subscription basis and minimize costs incurred for hardware and routine maintenance. Oracle Cloud provides a complete integrated cloud platform with best-in-class IaaS and PaaS suite offerings that support hybrid deployment choices across private and public cloud options.

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What are the key benefits of using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Cloud?

Key benefits are support for business growth, greater business agility, lower cost, and risk reduction. Deployment on Oracle Cloud gives you the capability of elastic expansion without disruption. You can scale up or down to achieve the agility to respond quickly to changes such as acquisitions, globalization, divestitures, and regulatory or process changes, with the ability to adopt new technologies or applications functionality. With JD Edwards One-Click Provisioning, you can provision new development, test, and production environments on Oracle Cloud quickly in response to such changes without IT bottlenecks that could lead to disruption of day-to-day operations. With Oracle Cloud deployment, you can both lower costs and make them more predictable as your cost is commensurate to usage. You reduce the need for upfront capital expenditure hardware by paying for usage as you go and eliminate wait time for hardware and other resources. You lower your overall risk with Oracle Cloud because you get a complete integrated technology stack from a single vendor.

How do I deploy JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud?


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